Edwin McCain Lyrics

Ghosts of Jackson Square Lyrics

there's ghosts on the streets today
doorways of Jackson Square
in tinsel and tapshoes
Mardi Gras beads in her hair
and down to the graveyard
she wrung out her hands
as if he would meet her
all day she stands

so don't leave me
and I know you're justified
so don't leave me
cause a part of you
in me died

we wish ourselves beautiful
and cry in the night
and it's not the love you fear
but the fall from the height
our personal ledges
afraid to look down
my crepe paper bridges
enough to drown


and I see the lonely souls,
but before the heartbreak rose,
draw the curtain

I'm a ghost on the streets today
surrounded by eyes
I feel them peer through me
and my harlequin disguise
if it makes you feel better
come join me a while
there's love in these open arms
some love in my spirit's smile