Jesse Powell Lyrics

You're the one I love Lyrics

Verse 1
Its like I’ve never been here before
Look at you now, I don’t wanna wake you
To tell you I feel something more
More than before, I’d be lost without you

In my eyes there’s just you and no other
In my heart there’s not doubt that you’re mine
Suddenly I wonder if I told you what I feel inside

If it doesn’t show, baby you don’t know
I need you, need you
Need you in my life, to you I wouldn’t lie
I’d be true, be true
Cos if you’re never told,
How would you ever know, that baby
You’re the one I love

Verse 2
Girl if you could read my mind, then you would see
Its just you and me
In a love that has no sense of time
Pictures of you, now and forever



Verse 3
Let me relate to ya baby
There’s no need to have any doubt
I love you and I’m gonna say the words
I’ll love