Planet Of Pants Lyrics

Rave On Lyrics

I'm hip on the new craze
It's been around for days
Cool dudes know
Even frat boys go
The title's apt
It's rave rave rave

Mindless I'm displaced
Expressionless I'm gazed
I'm in ecstasy
Just wait and see
I'll say it's just a phase

Forty bucks I'm on my way
Be gone to the break of day
I'm told to hold
Onto my blindfold
It's just for safety's sake

I've taken all these drugs
We'll mosh around like thugs
The band's not live
It's ten to five
The night's still very young

Well I love your blue-dyed hair
Neon fashions that you wear
I'm so punch-drunk
It's cyberpunk
This techno's got such flair

Barn or warehouse I'll be there
'Til the cops bust in our lair
Names on their list
They slap our wrists
Now we're a current affair