Planet Of Pants Lyrics

U-Turn 2 God Lyrics

Get on up
Get back down

See the light
Like a sign on the highway
Tellin' you
Congestion ahead
No room
For anybody don't see my way
No room
When you're dead

The road to Hell is bumper to bumper
Beat 'em down with their long correction rods
Rock stars when they burn wish they'd made a
U-turn straight to God

Come on taste the blasphemy with me
Eat of my flesh
Drink of my blood
Eat eat eat
Eat me

God's in a limo
He come to repo
He got the vino
I tell ya we know

He's the man
Ain't no scam
Tell me Sam
Say goddamn

God told me in the bar
He don't approve of the foreign cars
He's gonna tell ya where it's at
When he slaps ya on the back
That's a crack
Then he say

Get on up
Get back down

Traffic jam backed up all the way
Everybody busts out in a rock opera song
Hell's full of this kind of thing every day
I been there for so long