Remy Zero Lyrics

Hollow Lyrics

It felt like the sun.
We are hollow.

Light to the world.
Film star.

Define all the ways
that I am the ghost
and you are song.

So you walk away from me.
Were you ever there?

You were too quick or cold
to believe.


You can never fail,
we can never fail,
we can only go down south
in grace and flames you forgot about.


Repeat chorus.

Lights that freeze turn
perfect scenes into sorrow.
Don't slip away.
With all the words you had to say,
but you never had a prayer.

But you can never fail.
We can only lose,
we can only come down.

Send them up just to shoot them down.

All your strength is about to be found
crawling up out of the ground.

Now play what you wanted to play.
You say what you wanted to say.

You finally found a way...
all of the stars coming down

Repeat chorus.