Remy Zero Lyrics

Prophecy Lyrics

Consider this a sign.
This is a train in the night.
And now it¹s time for you to go.
You know you¹ve had a healthy life, boy.

You walk this world like you¹re a ghost.
Your hands are coming through the needles.

Sick of your tragic and the evils,
I am the keeper of the songs of everyone.


Look into the sun and see
your soul is dying.

Used to feel the faith,
but now you¹re tired of trying.

Should have left alone
what you have stolen from everyone.

How are you feeling?

You seem a little sick to me now.

This is a coming of the times,
you are a witness to the movement.

If all you're seeing is lies,
you had your chance, but now you¹ve blown it.

You want this world so you can own it.

I am the keeper of the songs of everyone.

Repeat chorus.

From the light on high,
a chance to change your fate.

Forgiveness falling down
on those who chose to wait.

Remember the time.

Find yourself home again,
deep within your life.

Find yourself a home again.
It's a choice.
You have chosen your own.

In the old days
when the world was young and bright.

If you raise the mask,
who will lead us on tonight
in the summer skies, the stars, the light?