Remy Zero Lyrics

In Hindsight Lyrics

you almost miss it
that thing you try to ignore
that voice you used to adore
but you could not take it
i never knew just what to say
i never learned how anyway
right as i call your name

you were always so kind to everyone
you always had nice words on your tongue
you used to be here but now it's gone
i'm reborn

are you for real?

now hands grow colder
as i try to ease all your fears
i damn near disappear
right as i called you here

Repeat Chorus.

if you're still alone
i would change this earth to call you home
home home....
i could sing, sing this off
and scatter everything
i say, run away,
i'd move the sun to hear you breathe
i'd say i'll wait
wait for you or wait for things to change
i'll change
i'm not the same
oh, the same

Repeat Chorus.

Repeat Chorus.

are you going down?
do you want it now?
are you coming down