Rancid Lyrics

Hyena Lyrics

im money broke and its no joke cant core use the rope this time
nuckel up buckel up the ride´s getting rough but i will not loose my mind
i asked em if i could come in and the first thing they said was no
if i cant come in thats mean that i cant come back that means i got nowhere to go
im a hyena fighting for lion share sometimes the lions share aint there
absent from political authority an animal ive become total disorder and confusion
is the life style that i run permit me to do what i want and i will im a nomad to travel
conrete class stone and gravel -chour- every time i turn around it´s the same sad story
getting ganked i wish it could end in lifes comisary im a bad missionary with a wicked
message i sent who can i trust in a world of greed when im taught to take and not to give