Rancid Lyrics

Animosity Lyrics

break down the fear
i got my animosity
im gonna breake it down
armageddon is coming
so you better start running
cause the big wave
is coming to the shore
no suprise that you
see throu the lies
of the system thats rotten
to the core
high tech survailance
paranoia and violence
keeping the city at a calm
break it down
tear it apart
the city┬┤s going off
like a bomb
helicopters coming down
on me tonight
my brother selling cocaine
he knows how to fight
hounded and arrassed
in a power elite bought
sun aint arise
so i abite by my route
i remember a cold december
when i heard the revolution rock
didnt hear what they were saying
i ran thru the mayhem of a police state
on my block
high teck ....