Petey Pablo Lyrics

Raise Up (USA Flag Remix) Lyrics

In the time of need
When the world has gone through so many changes
So many ups and downs, so many obstacles
So much confusion
I take it upon myself as one bein of the new leaders of hip-hop
To make a change, and bring it to the forefront

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
U.S.A.!! Come on and raise up
Take the flag, put it in the air, spin it like a helicopter
U.S.A.!! Come on and raise up
This one's for you, uh-uh
This one's for who, us, us, us, yes sir!

[Verse 1]
Say it loud, United States of America
Time to put it down and do it like this
Now fight for somethin that's worth it (uh)
I'm a country boy, never really cared before what was goin on
Now that it came a little closer to home
I got a couple more buttons make somethin go uh-uh
Everybody get strapped
If you gon' get it let's get it if you ain't then get back
Big fella, who dat
All the people around the world that's why we get through that
Fort Jackson, Fort Bragg, Camp Jude and David (damn!)
Pensacola, Parris Island, troops over here, Seals over there
Fort Dix, Fort Lee, Pearl Harbor (let me think)
The Army(ARMY), the Navy(NAVY), Air Force, Marines(RINES)
Green Beret, Navy Seals, New York Police
Even got me dressed in Army fatigues, how ya love that


[Verse 2]
You remember them days y'all
When the teacher told us
About World War I and World War II, now the time has come
Wave the flag strong
And could somebody tell Mr. bin Laden
He got a lot of people lookin for him
My house, my home, my hood
My brother, my sister, my cuz
Land of the free, home of the brave, it's the land I love
I had to bring it up, ask Peter Bare if I could change it up
Now I really got the whole world raisin up, come on!
And sing with us
Raise up(Raise up!) Raise up(Raise up!) Raise up(Raise up!)
For that star-spangled banner


Thank you Petey Pablo
Cause if we don't stand for somethin
we're bound to fall for anything at all
Steph Lova reporting live from the front lines
Sending lots of love and prayers out
to everybody from every corner of the Earth
Who lost a loved one, a homie, a friend
I'm talkin about a mother, father, sister, brother, even a cousin
On September 11th, we miss you, and we love you
and we will never, ever forget