Roy Orbison Lyrics

Keep My Motor Running Lyrics

I've been loving you since you were sweet 16
Good lookin' woman Jerry Lee ever seen
C'mon girl you got my heart a really jamming
Go ahead and keep my mother humping motor running
Lets go why don't you put it on the floor
Woman you really got me humming keep my motor running

I got fuel injections Jerry Lee's got front wheels
I've got completed systems on this time
you'll really love the feel
Satin sheets crawl up and down my lovely bed
If you lift the pillow you can lay your lovely head
lets go, whooooo, put it on the floor
really got me humming, keep my motor running

Oh go Rock and roll baby
let me go, I got mother humping on the floor
yeah, you really got ol' killer humming
why don't you keep my motor running