Sammie Lyrics

Fell For Her Lyrics

I wasn't checking you
Become my best friend
I did all I can do
To show her different
But in the scheme of things
I kinda lost my range
And I found myself wanting
To be with her in another way
Tell me what am I do when
I think of her each and everyday
And I can't believe
She's got me trippin'

1 You're the only girl in my dreams
And I really want to get to know you
Cutest things that I've ever seen
How I wish I could get with you
Every night when I say my prayers
I pray to God that we'll be together
Girl I want you and no one else
You'll be in my heart forever

2- Even though she treats me like her best friend
Tell me all the secrets that she keeps in
She don't have a clue the things I'm thinkin'
If she only knew that I fell for her

Repeat 2

She's an angel with a lot of love
And she never treats me different
Every time that I think about her
My heart beat starts to skipping
Should I let her know the best of
My thoughts that I never mentioned
If I let it out she will know about
Everything that I've been wishing

Repeat 1
Repeat 2 (2x)

Ooh yeah, oh fell for her baby
(Uh-huh and I really want)
(To get to know you)

(What, could you with you)
(What, uh-huh, yeah, what)
(Yeah, what, what)
Ooh yeah, oh

Repeat 2 till end