Sammie Lyrics

Stuff Like This Lyrics

Yeah ooh yeah
Last Valentine I gave you candy
And you smiled so big that day
We walked the park I picked you flowers
And we never chilled that way

1 You know what happened bout a week ago
You said you loved me too and
Now you tell me that you just don't know
And what am I to do when it's...

2 Stuff like this that makes me feel this way
Stuff like that that makes it all go away
I get the feeling that you don't want to say
Stuff like that will make me runaway

Last Christmas I was there beside you
When you didn't feel ok
You told me I was the best friend that
A friend could ever make

Repeat 1
Repeat 2 (2x)

Oh, oh, stuff like this baby
Ooh yeah, ooh yeah, yeah
Girl it's stuff like this yeah, yeah

Repeat 2

(Stuff like this)
You know when we're in school
It makes me feel this way
(Stuff like that)
But it's ok because
It makes it all go away
(I get the feeling that)
Sometimes you don't know what to say but
(Stuff like that will make me run away)
Girl it'll make me runaway

Repeat 2 till end