Pennywise Lyrics

Date With Destiny Lyrics

a burning plane as its going down the last scream before it hits the ground a lost ship on a raging sea a blinking distress signal of emergency a run away train careening off the tracks the last breath before a heart attack the earthquake as it shakes your room promising falling skies in impending doom one chance you feel it before you meet with your destiny one chance you need it to com to terms with mortality all thats important to me everything inside of me all that's trivial will fade and soon recede you will see when on a date with destiny look in the jaws of your own demise watch your life pass before your eyes did you live like a dream come true or did you just survive? did you do all you could do? in a fall from a burning tower what would you do with just one more hour? live that hour out everyday like it was your last you'll live much better that way you're on a date with destiny