Pennywise Lyrics

Did You Really Lyrics

tell me all your problems i'll save your soul it could make you feel better but you never really know don't give up on tomorrow save your scene it may not get any better living isn't free offer up solutions do what you wan do remove all of the people who tell you lies about what you're going through did ya really wanna die this question now keeps repeating in my mind a shot heard in the night an unheard cry a fatal fight but did you really wanna die what did you hope to find did you want to find the answers somewhere floating in the night did you really wan die tell me i'm forgiven save my soul one thing i've regretted is i'll never really know value what's been given to you and me how many times we said it living isn't free don't think you can make it i can understand a phone call far away to lend a helping hand don't think i can make it give it one more try don't think i can take it can't believe you'd really wan die i'd help you give it one more try did you really wan die help you give it one more try i know you didn't wan die from words that you would write now they're the only thing that help me make it through the night i know you didn't wan die