Pennywise Lyrics

Freebase Lyrics

i got some shit for sale you oughtta get some you'll be the highest guy that ever lived it might kill you man you won't even know it i can feel your best sense starting to give you take the chance you lose control the lessons from your past you need to know take one more hit of base that shit is gonna blow up in your face ripping glass shards through your heart you got a problem man you ought to fix it you think you're geting high well guess again until it's too late well you wont even know it you better stop before you hit a dead end when i see you out on the street a different story everytime we meet you been hanging with a different crowd your acting tough and your talking loud it's getting worse for you every single day a bad habit and it won't go away where you gone where's my best friend i can't help you cause you won't let me in