Pennywise Lyrics

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you've been looking for me in the most obvious places still i'm nowhere to be found i'm perched atop the highest buildings in the city and i'm inrigued as i look down all the ants below share the same comfortable existence but they still wear the same frown what ashame that they can't see the beauty that's surrounding them when there's so much around try don't choose to walk away there's a part within your soul it just takes time to find it when you try take time and seize the day cause after today's gone you'll never have the chance again so try while i sit here with so many thoughts i'm listenign to the rain falling to the ground i'm just hoping somday soon all thge unhappy people find solace in the sound and listen to the old cliches that all the elders say that life goes by too fast i just wish there was some way that i could stop the clock and make the good times last don't throw it all away no one day's just the same you must realize it's all in your mind don't emphasize the pain on one particular day if you feel you're starting to slide just pull yourself together remember all that matters is you try