Ultimate Fakebook Lyrics

Roll (Electric Kissing Parties) Lyrics

Well, you know, I didn't mean to look your way, but you knew why I was there - to know who's in your hair Unless you want to, don't answer Don't tell me what I want, hold on - hold on Under the disco ball the scene is on And you like the way I roll - your best friend told me so Unless you want to, don't kill her Before you go too far, hold on... It wasn't like she meant you harm, but I wouldn't give in I had to twist her arm for a synonym - oo yeah Well, I asked the DJ for a Footloose song He played "Almost Paradise," I felt you melt like ice... Onto my armour, onto my armour Until my skin was cold and prickly from your fire And if we make this song last until ALL SKATE, Forever rolls along at any rate - oo yeah My mom and dad say since it's a Friday I can stay out until 1:00 Cuz I'm a good kid! And you know, I wanted to know if you would come... Unless you want to, don't answer Before you get alarmed, hold on... At least before your skates come off, tell me one more thing - Do you want to roll around with me around this rink? If you refused my arm, it wouldn't do me harm Just say 'hi' to me on Monday