Urban Dance Squad Lyrics

Tabloid Say Lyrics

Finally the truth shone through
It's all hell when the smell's on you
Used to read all the papers
Mags that caught the vapors
Takin' a crap with the tab, ain't takin' no shit
Who turns to be the vandal
What's the drugscandal
Shit worn out like a pair of hippiesandals
Stuff got really trippy on me
I blew the picture huge
Like a skippy, and see
It's all out-o'-proportions
Their notion, presumption
The speculation - causin' irritation like guitar distortion
Yep, pencils get pushed, poison flows out
Printing on paper, paper on the doormat
Watch brothers scream out
How to live with a big knife, avoid the daylight
Hawk with bloodred eyes
Through the night ?

Finally the truth shone through
It's all hell when the smell's on you
Got to live a life through, hectic like a zoo
Got to go for what you know, what would you do ?
Avoid the paperstand and
Cast glances elsewhere and
On your feet when the heat is on withstand
Be a man
The titan with the item, hard to beat and fight 'em
Some come to throw the odds against
And simply duck-'n-slide them
Got the thing right, professionalism opposite
Heard the cynicism, watch how it get dropped kid !
Wreck with the data
Flow like a feather
Get yourself in check, expect heavy weather
So finally the truth shone through
Take the papers when I got to do
A heavy poo-poo
Ask myself what's new, ask myself what's new
And flush the toilet through