Texas A&M Lyrics

I'd Rather Be A Texas Aggie Lyrics

If I could be a banker, a lawyer, a preacher
If I could be a doctor, a mayor, a teacher
If all I had to do was merely raise my voice, then brother
Here's my choice

I'd rather be a Texas Aggie - a mean so and so
Than be from any other school and rolling in dough
I'd rather be out on the highway a thumbin' a ride
Than have Miss Betty Grable for my blushing bride

I'll be true to the colors of Maroon and White
If they win or they lose I know they'll always fight
But if they lose old pal you'll always here me say
Let's go down to [Ed's] and drink our cares away
I'd rather be a Texas Aggie, no dime to my name
Than have my picture painted in the Hall of Fame
I'd rather be a Texas Aggie, and this is no lie
I'll be a Texas Aggie till the day I die.
*Repeat section