Hoobastank Lyrics

Let You Know Lyrics

verse 1: i just thought that i'd let you know that although i'm far, i'm
close to you within. and all the time spent by your side is taken deep in
me. held for me to keep to look upon when i'm feeling like everything and
one is hurting me for something or other. it takes me to a better place. no
where i'd rather go. thought i'd let you know.........

chorus: who you are. what you do. makes me burn to be in you. who you are
and what you do. i'm burning to be in you.

verse 2: i just thought that i'd let you know being near you is a gift i
only wish i could treasure. but for now i'll sit and wait. i'm still burning
though. thought i'd let you know...........

repeat chorus

bridge: it feels like i'm falling. i'm all on my own. thought i'd let you

repeat chorus x 2