Seaweed Lyrics

Free Drug Zone Lyrics

Treed like a fox at the end of a chase

Full shackled walk in a stumbling pace

Lease out a country based in a style

My neighbor spits as he gives us away

Do you wanna give up all your rights so that you can

Feel safe in the world that they bought for you.

Talking only through the side of her mouth

When she says everything’s "ok".

I think I caught you sucking on a cigarette

In the drug free zoning your company.

Deductions coming from the back of my check

Were to serve and protect.

So baby you work for me.

You’re at the age where we’ll make up your mind.

Your quality help that’s so hard to find.

Five dollar hours clocking you time.

Swing hammer- what can you give me?

No stopping till we get to the last.

Still coughing chunks from the mines of the past.

But now you’re giving me more and more.

Giving me.

Backside safe,

But its not safe at all.

I feel safe livin for popular taste.

Backside safe,

Things fall all about you