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Ben (Michael Jackson - Ben) Lyrics

(copyright Steven Cavanagh 1993-2002)

Ben, I knew I had to look no more
when you found me on the canyon floor
With a Jedi of my own
I'll never be alone
as you, my friend, can see
You're dead and still with me

(You're dead and still with me)

Ben, how terrible it must have been
hiding out those years on Tattooine
Why'd you have to take the blame
for Vader, who you trained
Oh Ben why can't you see
just what you did for me.
(just what you did for me)

Just you survived
One last Knight
kept the flame
burning bright

(Just you survived
One last Knight
Kept the flame
Burning bright)

Ben, how well you must have known my Dad
you're the best friend that he ever had
When he turned to the Dark Side
your love, it never died
for though his hatred won
you guarded me, his son