Song Parodies Lyrics

Only A Gungan (Billy Joel - Always A Woman) Lyrics

(copyright Steven Cavanagh 1993-2002)

He has bat-wing ears of ridiculous size
and he looks like a duck with detachable eyes
and he's only around for the comic relief
He speaks like a child, and he's only a gungan to me.

He's the galaxy's most irrepressable loser
introduces himself saying "whosa are yousa?"
why Anakin likes him, I really can't see
walks like a cartoon, and he's only a gungan to me

He, makes a fool of himself
always bumbling around
such a brainless reptile.
Oh, I can't figure him out
but I'm not taken in
by that big goofy smile

Our sense of absurd is what's caused all the teasin'
He's a general for no understandable reason
and his own people banished him, 'cause they could see
that he's clumsy, and stupid, he's only a gungan to me.

He, can't take care of himself
if he happened to die
I don't think that I'd mourn.
Oh, I once told Qui-Gon Jinn
my opinion of him
a "pathetic life form"

He fried his own brain while retrieving a tool
he always tries hard to be somebody's fool
and he won't be here in twenty years, I forsee
so I'm hoping like you that he dies in part two,
cause he's only a gungan to me.