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House Of Wood Lyrics

Do do do do do do dooo
Do do do do do do dooo

You built you a house of wood, yeah
A wood house, yeah,
Where love once stood
Though the time you spent together
Was very short
Then like a giant hand
Came gale winds from the north, yeah
And just blew your house away
And left your skies a grey
As you thought of yesterday, yeah
Gone, gone house of wood, yeah, Lord
So you built you a house of stone
You know it tore ya
And scarred your bones
You can't help be overwhelmed with joy
'Cause once again, once again you saw life
Through the eyes of a baby boy
Until the one night rain began
Turned your little stone house to sand
There you stood, there you stood all alone, yeah
Gone, gone house of stone, ohhhh...yeah
Sometimes I think I know you
How you feel
So they built you a box of wood
And planted it deep where love once stood
Though the wind and rain still blowin' hard
You won't mind 'cause
You feel no pain at all, yeah
Though you see the sun no more
You have rest in peace for sure
As I kinda close the door, yeah
To your good, good, yeah, good
(Good box of wood)
Box a wood
Now, now a house of wood
Grandpa, grandpa
(Good, good box of wood)
Ain't no need to worry, yeah
I hear the chariots
Swingin' over, yeah
Here they come
(Good, good box of wood
Good box of wood)
To carry you home