Jane Siberry Lyrics

Oh My Sister Lyrics

oh my sister
what did you say to them
you've got to use a little tact
leave out words like "bombs" , "gurus", or "India"
you won't set the world on fire
if you separate yourself from them like that

oh my sister
you are so critical
how did you ever get this hard
he only wanted to kiss you
and when he couldn't "score"
he told his friends
and now all the boys are afraid of you

of us all you were most modest
even though you were last to lower your hem
throw your jeans out the window
put them on behind the fence
oh I laugh - you put such feeling
into your indifference

oh my sister
you don't know why I love you it could be
the untouchable innocence
that I see in you sometimes
or the loss that I feel
when you pass through my mind
or maybe because I'm supposed to

oh my sister
where are you living now
you left "nirvana" as your forwarding address
well - that's very funny from a mile and a half
but up close at home it's not like that
why don't you send us a letter

oh my sister...