Chumbawamba Lyrics

Georgina Lyrics

Is she really going out with him?
Not any more!
Georgina's cooking supper for her husband
All her friends are coming 'round to see the show
Because the thief she calls a husband won't be hungry
When he sees what's on the end of his fork
Georgina isn't asking any more
And her lover isn't asking any more
And the cook isn't asking any more
Since the thief met a bullet on the way to the floor
Georgina's got a timebomb in her stomach
She knows that any minute now it's going to blow
With all the pain and the silence that she feeds on
With all the hurt that the bruises can't show
(Repeat chorus)
Georgina's got an appetite for vengeance
And she sings all the songs from 'Oliver'
But she won't be wanting seconds any more
As she tightens up her grip on her trigger finger
(Repeat chorus)