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You Can't Trust Anyone Nowadays Lyrics

You can't trust anyone nowadays
Brown shirts don't make it
I'm not so brave and I'm not too crazy
And I'd rather be a coward than pushing up daisies
Never rocked the boat, never tipped the scales
Never got off the fence, never had that much to say
So when I get a leather glove across my face
I say 'yes sir, no sir, whatever you say sir'
And when the Nazis stop me
Shouting 'get out your pass book'
I say 'yes sir, yes sir'
I don't trust to luck
Who'd Adam and Eve it
They're rationing clothes
And where they find a molehill a mountain grows
So please, no pictures 'cause the snap you took
They'll take it as a sign
Jesus H Christ--just my luck
You can't trust anyone nowadays
You can't trust anyone nowadays
I'd stay at home and sit it out
But in a dirty world you need a launderette
Two short minutes
I look the other way
Some bastard robbed me blind
You can't trust anyone nowadays