King Kapisi Lyrics

Screams From Da Old Plantation Lyrics


Make way seletah rum dem mad feel
While me rugged dance hall echoes
(Fa’apa boom, boom, Fa’apa boom, boom)
Midnight reflect sunrays da di di da da oooohhhh


Screams from da old plantation (non-stop)
(Fai fai pea, fai fai pea)

Verse 1:

You are immersed in a vision cultivated by this Samoan
Strong is my brethren Samoa mo Samoa
Island brothers extend a vibe to the X…..but the only X Samoans know is XXL
OS equals over-sized, overstayers, over stretched last names
Pack it up can you pronounce it
Delete the error that began with ages
Visual effects guaranteed by the flick of no brown man but not……..
Brown copper Polynesians has been exploited (sina oe)
Come into my life I got coconuts to show you


Verse 2:

It’s just my savage instincts coming back from the brink
Revitalise the knowledge that we lost (you better think)
Culture ebbing's being lost in the ignorance from the ma to the pa to the child
Wonder why your child is running round real wild
Pass on the knowledge so the tongue leaves it’s cradle
Or take them back home to the motherland and teach
The ways of our elders lifestyles and the speech


Verse 3:

Enter the mind of a Hamo, I’m just a psycho
Ready to blow up the mic from into to outro
Ballheads try to understand it’s doubtful
You try to make me out your efforts are pitiful (pitiful)
I’m from Savaii, village is Fagamalo
When it comes to battling I’m just an animal
(Tiger) fix amnesia
Second migration, we all paying homeage to the old plantation
We just paying homeage to the old plantation