Cocoa Brovaz Lyrics

Game Of Life Lyrics

Yeah, after Dah Shinin, it all became clear to me
I knew things would be different son
I knew it'd come time for a change
Seems like the time is now

Jah! Rastafarai

Greetings to my soldiers and soldierettes

Jewel on the world, make the earth sink
On the brink of divinity, defying gravity
Reachin' for infinity
Can he be incarcerated by the limits
Stuck, they can't function
Caught up in the scrimage
This game called life only lasts minutes
Once you in it, be in it to win it to the finish

As the sun heats, I put my feet to the concrete
Hard to sleep so I take it to the streets
Hold my head up, try to keep it movin'
Fed up with losin'
I need some air
I think I take a cruise with you
I'm using, what little know how I posess
To keep our familia down to rest
Now I stress defensive tactics
'Cause police seem active
Got me in the crib sleepin' with heat under the mattress

In case of home intrusion:
First the dogs go "bark"
Then about five sparks bringin' light to the dark
Like ? does his movement when he's dealin' with math
Or the boss tell his workers where he's keepin' the stash
When that gun blast, better have Jah on your side
Or an act of devine intervention from the most high
I know guys that get a thrill from the kill
And other niggaz, who hold the greed to sling ?frills?

Demon's tryin' to take my soul away
But they won't get my soul today
Will I get locked up or blown away?
Just stayin' strong is a price to pay

Damn I haven't worked since I was 'bout 17
They had time busy hangin' out being a drama fiend
I had to run the streets, see what the night brought out
Sneak in the crib
Hear my moms prayin' to God that I sprout
Take all responsibilities like a man would do
'Cause she know that the streets can bring the worst out of you
She told me concentrate on school but what I do about loot?
I wanna push the fat ride, have bitches sweatin' me too
But you know you need dough so you can do the do
And going to class everyday don’t bring in no loot
Plus I just been told that I was cold by club bouncers
Standing there hot headed ‘bout to set it while they denounce us
Crab niggaz still beggin’ for CD’s
While brothaz’ careers is stuck on halt and freeze
About to face extinction ?pockets dead is thinkin’?
Something ain’t peace and suicide’s part of my thinkin’
Even God don’t hear my prayer or him just not care
Got a son in this world, stressed out losin’ my hair


It’s time to take the struggle to the pavement
Let the people know the mayor sent the OK for enslavement
Orders from the government
Official stubborn men with egos runnin’ shit
They put the hit out on whoever try to get out
And they are the directors who are dead and ?
Even down south in Atlanta
Police play the pawn for their master
It’s a disaster, practicing who can kill us faster
For less than nothin’ like they did Bobby Huton
Corruption got me clutchin’ my rifle for gun bustin’
Somethin’s cookin’
Look at the way some faces be lookin’
Cross the bank rock on to Brooklyn, Texas
Even in Houston P’s be shootin’ us like sitting ducks in groups
And I can’t trust who or what
That will explain the way I watch you, plus,
I know the chosen are few
Many come around to proclaim things they know not
Let alone maintain
Shame, some of my worst enemies
Live right around me and look just like me
I see that its time to intensify the movements in front of my eyes
Can’t rely on a seeing dog they got me
Or lay and wait for the devil to surprise me, nah G

Chorus (twice)
It only takes a line to make the mind think
Drop a jewel on the world make the earth sink
I’m on the brink of divinity, defying gravity
Reaching for infinity
Plenty be incarcerated by the limits
Stuck they can’t function caught up in the scrimage
This game called life only lasts minutes
Once you in it, be in it to win it ‘till the finish