Gerald Levert Lyrics

Nice And Wet Lyrics

Chorus I
Prepare yourself turn off the phone
And get in position 'cause baby it's on
And it's on it's on

Ain't nothing wrong
With being soaking wet
I know you're ready
For the real deal


It's a full moon and love is in the air
Champagne is chilling strawberry
bubble bath
I go out of my way just to turn you on
Forget about the tv and throw away the damn phone

My silk pajamas the ones you really like
Are pressed and ready 'cause tonight is
your night
So wear that perfume and that black
you don't have to wear nothing just
have it your way

Chorus II
A night you won't forget
come on gonna keep it nice & wet
A night you won't forget
Gonna keep it nice & wet

Ain't nothing wrong
With getting soaking wet
I know you're ready
For the real deal

I know all the switches that turn you on
So tonight is the night I'm going to flock
All night long my
body's oh so hot
You got me in a sweat
and tonight I promise
I'll keep it nice & wet

Chorus II

I got feelings inside
I really want to give
I won't be too hard
I know that you're

Girl sit back and relax
And I'll take you there
Girl you got to get
Why don't you let down
your hair

Chorus II

Chorus I two times