Swan Princess Lyrics

Far Longer Than Forever Lyrics

If I could break this spell
I'd run to him today
And somehow I know he's on his way to me
Derek, you and I were meant to be

Far longer than forever
I'll hold you in my heart
It's almost like you're here w/ me
Although we're far apart

Far longer than forever
As constant as a star
I close my eyes and I am where you are

As sure as the dawn brings the sunrise
We've an unshakable bond

Destined to last for a lifetime and beyond

Far longer than forever ( far longer than forever)
I swear that I'll be true (I swear that I'll be true)
I've made an everlasting vowel to find a way to you
Far longer than forever
Like no love ever known
And w/ your love I'll never be alone

Far longer than forever
Much stronger than forever
And w/ your love i'll never be alone