Moonlight Awakening Lyrics

Pure Lyrics


"I kill myself
I kill for god
Waiting, leaving,
I can't see your light
I can't feel you..."

You see we've come to the end
And I can't pretend we'll return anymore
Do you see now where we've gone
Can you understand can you feel it strong?
I don't know where the answer lies
We live by fear and die in denial
Is this the final chance you have?
Will you take it now, will make it last?

"Just rape my mind
Make me believe it all
I can't help your dead hands
I am agonised by fear
Punish me, scorn me
Throw me into hell, I belong there
and I won't die for you
I can't die for you
I'm already fucked, I'm already dead
by the sins I've forsaken"

You burned in the fire of their heart's content
and followed everywhere they went
You won't believe this is your fate
Until the day you fall from grace
(You'll fall from grace...)

"Insert the cross
into my bloody cunt
I'm a slut for you
and only for you
Sodomized, victimised
I can't be chastitised
So fuck me, love me,
do me all over again
Yeah take me to heaven,
Take it like you never have
And make me pure again."