Cowsills Lyrics

Hair... Lyrics

She asked him why...
"why I'm a hairy guy
I'm hairynoon an nighty night night
my hair is a fright
i'm hairy high and low
but dont ask me why"
cause he don't know
"it's not for lake or bread,
like the grateful dead"
"give me a head with hair...
long beautiful hair
shining, beaming, streamin' ??????????
give me down there..."
"shoulder length or longer..."
"here baby, there mama, everywhere ????????
grow it, show it, long as i can grow it... my hair."
Fly in the breeze
and get caught in the trees
a home for the flees
in my hair.
A home for the flees
A Hive for the bees (the buzzin' bees)

Sorry I am too lazy now. I tried? I'm not pro. u can finish the rest.