Lil Kieysha Lyrics

U Try Lyrics

I love u more than words could ever explain
U know that love ain't a game
U ain't all about fuckin and dick suckin
Dealin wit fake niggaz ain't nothin
U had a hard life up until now
U wanna love your sister
But u don't know how
Yo work is done baby
So take a bow


U try so hard 2 be hero
Then when u think u done somethin
It amounts 2 zero
Nobody appriciates what u do
Don't worry bout it baby
Just do what u do

U thought the friends u had were really real
And if somethin happened
U was dressed 2 kill
Now they flipped out
Now they actin ill
Now it's about a mill and tha dolla bill
Once u fake
U alwayz fake
Ain't no comin back
Niggaz talkin bout how they did that
Baby let em be fake
And let em hate
They mad cauze they ain't got a girl like u
They can't do what they do cauze they fake
Just think if God will open tha gates

Chorus x3