Ginuwine Lyrics

Little Kidz Lyrics

Lil Boy: How ya doin?
Lil Gurl: im fine
Lil Boy: wut you doin
Lil Gurl: nothin
Lil Boy: where you gettin ready to go
Lil Gurl: to my house
Lil Boy: What you ganna do there?
Lil Gurl: None your business
Lil Boy: Who dat boy you like?
Lil Gurl: Wouldnt you like to know
Lil BOy: Whats his name?
Lil Gurl: I aint gotta tell you
Lil Boy: ey i no who it is the boy that be giving the gurls candy
Lil Gurl: I dont know bout all that
Lil Boy: whats his name?
Lil Gurl: Look just cause i like Ginuwine dont mean nothin
Lil Boy: uh gosh bye
Lil Gurl: he cutter then you anywayz