Rebecca Lynn Howard Lyrics

Forgive Lyrics

I always said that'd be it
That I wouldn't stick around
if it ever came to this
Here I am so confused
How am I supposed to leave
when I can't even move
And the time it would of took to say
"Honey Im home how was your day?"
You dropped a bomb right where we live
and just expect me to forgive

Well, that a mighty big word for
such a small man
And I'm not sure I can
cause I don't even know now who I am
Its too soon for me to say FORGIVE

I should ask but I wont
was it love or just her touch
cause I don't think I wanna know
So get you some things
and get out (echo)
Don't call me for a day or two
so I can sort this out

Well, you might as well of ripped the life
right out of me right here tonight
And through the fallin tears you said
"Can you ever just forgive?"


You know what they say
forgive and forget
relive and regret


ohhh its to soon for me to say FORGIVE