Papia Lyrics

never Lyrics

I never knew how much you meant to me,
until you left.
I never know how much I would dream about you,
until you left.
I never knew that I loved you,
until you went to a better place.

Our room is empty,
because your not here.
My heart is broken,
your gone.
My sainity is gone,
so are you.
My days are stupid and alone
because you left me cold.

I'm broken down now,
never been more unhappy.
You left because of the pain,
I wish i could've fixed it..
i wish i could've helped.

I cant lie next to you anymore,
because you've been taken..
taken to a better place.
Your face isn't visible,
are is not my tears.
You stold my heart,
and then left it empty.

I'm going to tell you something
something that you should know already..
I love you
I wanted to be with you forever
you ran away for a reason
a hell of a good one.
Please come back,
I'm going insane without you...
come back.