Matt Caplan Lyrics

Autograph Lyrics

Just below my right eye
Settle something sweet
Greet me with your lips
Begin the lie
Love to watch me smile
Live to make me frown
Drowning in the sea
You improvise
Doesn’t anybody let you out of your cage
Sanctuary from the stage
Your affection is a dress rehearsal
And your kiss is like an autograph
And I never was your biggest fan
Just below my left eye
A sudden stinging burn
Turns my head toward
A pair of eyes
Empty and enamored
Crazy and composed
Posing for the ones
They victimized
Yes, and in the future I see a big horizon for you
Knowing you will find somebody who can just adore you
Yes, and I will always pray for a day when you say
I’m better now, I’m better now, I’m better now
CHORUS (minus stage line)