T2 Lyrics

I Got That Lyrics

I got that, I got that(yee!)
I got that, I got that
I got that, yes uh
and its mine ooh mine

I rip threw tracks, collect my few stacks
when I freestyle they be sayin maaan who dat?
dogg it's a rap, the young boys back
just like Lil'Flip I'm bout to do that
got 'em crunk already, the chain so heavy
I'm hot like fire, but flow so steady
to my partnas in the south wit golds in they mouth
I'm a young G, balla you know what I'm about
pockets on swoll, what up to Big Moe
he got the whole world sippin on that purple stuff
I'm too young to put it in my cup
maan I wanna lean but I gotta grow up
Northside, southside let me see you throw it up
put your hood in the side, let em know you get crunk
to the ballas wit the cars, wit the sound in they trunk
when you pass through the street, make sure ya make it bump


I'm throwed, in other words the young boys cold
back on the road, bumpin that slow
got my clothes, got my on flows
first to street label, wit my own solo
in it for the dough, H-town love me they seen the boy grow
tell me what it do?.you read me on the screw
back to ballin chopped up had em screamin T2(yes uh)
got em sayin yes uh, got em sayin maaan
go spread the word, lil mamma tell a friend
got my name in my grill, I roll wit big teal
ya'll thought I was joking I'm doin this for real
Short Stop records tryna sell a mill
knock them pictures off ya wall, lil boy got skills
how ya love that, I done did that
CDs, movies, yeah I flip that


I'm so throwed off, I'm hot like sauce
I'm just like the sun I can't cool off
bounce to the track, you ready?holla back
powered up in Gavelston, in a Gray Cadillac
system on blast, music screwed up
in the year 2G, I'm a get Too'ed up
one on my stomach, two on my chest
three on my back, and one on my neck
just like my pa he taught me how to ball
taught me how to walk but first I had to crawl
just like the game I'm tryna make some change
hold down my name, I'm a do my thing
I got ice in my ring, ice in my chain
ice in my ears, my whole body bling
the game won't stop, we headed for the top
T2 yes uh, H-Town, Short Stop

(Chorus till end)