Cypress Hill Lyrics

Can I Live Lyrics

Can I make money motherfucker? (Yeah)
Is that alright wit'chu? (No doubt)
Can I travel? (Word, Skull & Bones)
Can I have a nice motherfuckin car? (Hell yeah)
Thank you (KnowhatI'msayin)

Can I live? (Yeah)
Can I live - can I live?
Can I live - can I live? (Yeah)
Can I live - can I live?
Can I liiivve?

[B Real]
Can I live, who willin to give me applause?
Half note, gotta get mine and open the doors
I want a FAT crib, on the hill, after my cause
I need a fine woman, cuz I ain't fuckin wit yours
Can I live? I wanna take care of my fam
All the haters can't bait us, they don't know who I am
You gonna learn soon baby, when my heat'll expand
When I slay suckers everytime, I foil the plan
Can I live? Why not? I'm makin it hot
Like the rubber gets when I start rockin the spot
DAMN! She gotta have it in the parkin lot
Better come get her cuz she's still in my knot
Can I live? Get your hand out of my pockets
I'm buck-nutty, tear your arms out of the sockets
People wanna talk no matter how much I rock it
Pull my dick out, run about for niggas who jock it
Can I live? -- Can I live? <--[4x]


Can I live? Livin life under the scope
Tryin to hang with the leader, let me give you a rope
All them Mexicali niggas always lookin for hope
After one turns, bitch-niggas learn not to coke
Can I live without any battles to face?
Hell no, I gotta war when there's paper to chase
The story for the glory's never without a race
I'm like an animal huntin blood, I need a taste
Can I live? Critics never leave me alone
In my hood, I was always taught to go for the dome
I'm the Dog never show you where I bury my bones
Take your title then I leave your ass without a throne
Can I live, how come you don't show me your love?
Gotta catch yo' ass slippin like I'm wearin a glove
Suckers wanna push me and I'll give 'em a shove
Cuz busters always act brave up in the club

[BR] Can I live -- Can I live? <--[4x]


Na-na-na -- Na-na-na
Na-na-na -- Na-na-na
Na-na-na -- Na-na-na
Na-na-na -- Na-na-na

[B Real]
Can I live? I know you won't give me the freedom
Cuz your kids coem, but you don't want me to lead 'em
When I spit words for refrain people will heed 'em
Wanna find ways to shut me up and get me to eat 'em

Can I live, is it an impossible mission?
I break it down for all those who ain't seein my vision
All you suckers gotta live with, every descision
You a train wreck, comin up on the collision

[B Real]
Can I live? Basically I'm tired of thangs
You wanna walk around talkin, tryna fuck up my name
But when the scandal comes though you can't handle the shame
When you see me, know your thinkin how to explain

Can I live? I bring yo' ass over the hump
We tryna get money so we can be livin like Trump
You can't slap that cuz you fall into a slump
Don't test me I still got my "Hand on the Pump!!"

[Hook] 2x {*second hook w/ B Real in background*}

Na-na-na -- Na-na-na
Na-na-na -- Na-na-na
Na-na-na -- Na-na-na
Na-na-na -- Na-na-na