Zion I Lyrics

Trippin' Lyrics

Original master, architect
Intel-lect, respect
My heart full of splinters
Agitating, so frustrating
Letting dreams stay as dreams
What are you waiting, for?
Feel the score, deep in your center
Immaculate is the conception enter
My dragon ways, for so many days
I rode on a ship with a hull full of slaves
A foreign land, foreign mind, foreign time
A foreign design to keep my people blind
I'm, a rebel in a system that don't give a {fuck}
Where CEO's feed your death
To earn a buck
And people get stuck
Followin the trends
Of a TV generation
But where does it end?
You can say amen
But you really got to feel it
Then every time you see a snake
You'll reveal it


Seem like everybody trippin'
Or is it me, bein normal nowadays
It'll drive you crazy
Go to work 9 to 5 everyday, no retreat
You got to have a dollar
Just to get somethin' to eat
It seem like everybody trippin'
Or is it I? Crazy lady walkin around
Shoutin curses at the sky
Instrumentals be the lullaby
Rhyme stimulai, now come along
And vibe as we praise most eyes
You be trippin'
Why is you trippin, why is you trippin'?

Now in this rap consortium
There's a whole colosium
Of fake rap cats
Who tax human beings
Just a micro-cosm
Of a larger macro-problem
I sit with my pen and pad
Imagine ways to solve 'em
You can call me a dreamer
But I do not need a Beamer
To validate existence
I'm blessed in every instance
False pretense
Is what angers me the most
I'm good at counter attacks
Don't try to play me close
Don't toke toast, just roast
With my rhythm and give 'em
A hundred percent of what i'm livin
If it seemed like super ???
God must've lied
When he told me he will die
On the road that i fly
Keepin' me high
Rockin till the day that i die
If i told y'all people once

why is you trippin? why is you tripppin?


Most of us settle for less
Which really ain't fresh
I travel east to west
To chart progress
I found the common denominator
To always be stressed
And make me loose my breath
To think about the death
That happened when we rappin
But we just keep clappin
I pause for a second
Respect to the dead...
And let it enter in your head
Too many things on my brain
In this wicked game
TV, fear, pain,
Will leave you stained
Welcome to the other side
They said it never rained
You'll never win a game
Where the rules always change
First a college degree
Now a PHD
But if you got black skin
You need at least about three
Combat, in the illest ???
Verbally, with the solar energy
To let the people be free
Because we, are ?????