Zion I F/ Planet Asia Lyrics

Critical (Madlib Remix) Lyrics

*behind vocal samples from foreign movie*

"Zion I"
"Planet As"

[Zion I]
Yo check out the superb tech
Casinh checks through dialect
Dope as the gold around your next
This is my manuscript to spit lyrics like I'm fat spliff
I show the whole damn world my gift
From pirates to speakin the pawn
Powerful just like a pawn
Positioned in the proper placement
Focused like militants
Deep in concentrational cabins
Devise the secret plan to split atoms
I verbalize, lust to bust, just as dangerous
As watchin Mt. Vesuvias erupt
Corrupt your data disk
From the super soul powered slums
Zion I, Planet Asia make it bump, bump
I'm deep off in the trunk
SWATS call it crunk
The fifteen inch woofers make the beat go thump
I dump clips to pros
Orrator of goals
The chilling is killin us with the illest type flows

"Ah yeah, right about now
See what we don't wanna do (uhh)
We don't wanna do...just do shit, get up here
That's seen and did, and you know
Just wearin shit we wore before, things like that, ya know?
We come out to give ya a little something different
Alright, we gonna get into a little something like this
Whenever y'all ready...."

[Planet Asia]
Yo yo
Vocally blessed to beat you into submission
I paddle units with pro-??? from the underside, the train
Do not touch, I'm high voltage like the third electric
Emergency phones needed in every tunnel for this murder method
You're dealin with the armed forces
We wave warmed torches
Through the trenches of the onslaughtness
G up, we up next, I'm an-ticipated
Post my plan is to stand behind my ever line stated
Delux, Aeon Fluxuate/fluctuate what I pronunciate
Cold verses be lookin out, but ya'll people got months to wait
*Life As It Is* baby, Zion I got me flyin high
My mind inside music symbolic to INI
This ain't the Sci-Fi channel
We livin legends of the speak freak committee
Clash The Titans through the vinyl
When we splash the atlas with the rules of the game
We out the old school and came to drop a jewel on your brain yo

[Interlude 2]
"Since we are folks who has this mad passion for observance of music"
"I am the art"
"Beats" "Or just rap"
"We're going to do something
that's a little bit different right now already"
"And as we put it together, you probably be able to dig what we mean"

[Zion I]
My brother hit me on the game
Said that we original, man
And we manifested here to spit slang
I thought a minute
And let it sink deep like the Titanic
We wider than the Ocean of Atlantic
This typical mythical style in the West is gettin Wild
I'm chillin like a space upon the Nile
Reverberatin, why is you hatin, hip hop we creatin
Across the desert sands, we be bakin
My melanin, the key to lock, rock spots in flocks
Off the rugged avenue with my b-boy bop
It's evolution, toss a pebble at the devil and smile
I'm rebelling while propelling freestyles

[Planet Asia]
From the bottom to the top, I made alot of em drop
Hip hop's the lifestyle of urban civilians and even cops
No it don't stop, once again another classic
Fantastic rap shit that make y'all MC's wanna practice
How to lock shit down like Daddy As
I blaze mics for days
Hit the page like stage then burn sage
Then engage, this ain't a phase or some played out gimmick
That's word to Kemet for the fact that most of y'all cats is timid
Vivid fuels, of the do's and don'ts don't apply
To the non-compromising Planet As and Zion I
Worldwide we're known, zones as the chosen few
Verbal shots, I cypher rhymes to leave holes in you

*Cut and scratched*
"Verbal assault--it's on till the death till we settle the score" [Inspectah Deck