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Baby I Miss You Lyrics

You were always beside me
Every day and night
And your love was so healing
When i have to let go now
I will stay and fight
I won´t give up this feeling

Maybe it´s because I´m still in love with
You are always on my mind
Can´t forget the nights we had together
I whish I could turn back time

You took my heart onto the highest mountain
You took my soul and we could dive into
The deepest fountain
But now I feel my life will never be the same
Now that you´re gone
I don´t know what went wrong
Oh baby I miss you
I can´t live without you no no
Don´t break my heart don´t leave me
Standing all alone here in the rain
Feeling all the pain
Baby I miss you

When I want to be near you
I just close my eyes
Use my imagination
Then your love is so tender
Memories are strong
I can feel your temptation

Maybe it´s because I can´t forget you
You are still a part of me
I know my heart will never ever stop bleeding
I wish I could set you free