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It's Called Atlantis Lyrics

Sometimes I just don´t know
Where to go with my fears
Sometimes I´m feeling alone
There´s no one beside me drying my tears
I whish I could fly to a secret planet
A spot to run and hide
Where is this place where can i find some shelter
The peace of my heart

There´s a secret land
Down deep in the ocean
God only knows where it may be
There´s a hidden place
A burning devotion
It´s not a tale
Not a fantasy
It´s called Atlantis
A world of emotions
A world of peace
It´s called Atlantis
More than it shows it´s a mystery
It´s called Atlantis

Maybe it´s not so far
Maybe it´s just inside of my heart
Hiding away in my dreams
Always beside me right from the start
I whish i could dive in this deep blue see
To find what i´m looking for
Is it still there on the bottom of emotion
Far away from the shore