Unlimited Nation Lyrics

Move Your Body Lyrics

Move !
Move your body next to me
Let's have some fun, just you and me tonight
You can give me all I need
You're my hot desire, light my fire

La da da di da da da
You're my hot desire
La da da di da da da
Come on and light my fire

Always up and down and all around
Now it's so new to check the sound
Rocking, jerking night and day
If you wanna make it anyway
Express yourself and you will see
You are the one, that's right
I'll make your move, I'll set you free
You gotta get your feelings right
Moving, grooving, ...................... proving
Shake your body like your moving
There's no doubt. It's plain to see
The music is your mistery
Dance, trance, .....................
That's the way you gotta take your chance
Up and down here we go
Right to the bass just let it flow