DJ Bobo Lyrics

Let Me Feel The Love Lyrics

A brand new day, a brand new show
Ready for soundcheck here we go.
We're in a hurry, there's no time
I take the mic chip to chip to right.
At general is stopped the magazine
"Hey Bobo, tell me what do you dream :
Do you wanna be famous
Do you wanna be rich
What you gonna do when someone quiz your pitch"
Life goes up, no more waiting dancing and screaming, celebrating
And the prowd is looking like a whale in ocean
Now beginning world in motion.
Thing just straggling vain locate,
Time for the show let the music play.
Music, I can't get it enough
So let me feel your love

Only feel the love of my life time, all
That i'm dreaming of.
Stay with me and
Show me on your secrets, all that i'm
Dreaming of.
I cannot live, cannot live
Without your love.
I live in hide, and I
Cannot get enough.
Let me feel your love.
Let me feel your love.

Another night, another place
I feel the riven, feel the pace
Dancing, singing, my world is in stage,
I feel like a lion living his cage.
Happy people everywhere
Music's hutch they did not care, they don't care about imps,
Care about lies care about friend
No compromise
I say to you loud
"Without no doubt I'm proud of the crowd and thats about
The beat that spins you around
Get up, stand up with too the sound."
The last time I tap parade, ready for
The show, let the music play.
Your supports take me high enough
So let me feel your love.