Major T Lyrics

Keep The Frequency Clear Lyrics

Everybody move your body
Come on people oh let's party
Slowly, showly we are grooving
Shake your body, now you're moving
Squeeze me, treeze me girl, vibration
Here we are, night sensation
Heart is beating, lips are lyin'
Come on girl, don't stop tryin'

You are walking, you are talking
All of days we haven't stoppen
Now my baby we are dancing
Talk of brand new love romancing
46- that's my number
Fall off and cut. Feel the thunder
Move me, move. We are dancing
Music is the great romancer

Keep the frequency clear
Oh baby don't break my heart
Keep the frequency clear
And baby don't break apart

Everybody, let's party
Come on, shake your dance and body
Yes, my heart's beat like a yo-yo
Play the rhythm baby, don't go
Squeeze me, treeze me with devotion
You will give me deep emotion
Groove me, move, don't stop trying
It's your body knows that I am

We are dancing, we are grooving
D.J. come on oh, let's do it
We are living, we are giving
And the music plays for willing
46- that's my desire
Come on baby, take me higher
Move me, move, be a dancer
Music is the great romancer