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I Am Ready Lyrics

C'Mon Everybody ... listen to what I wanna say
I got news for you - and it goes this way
Let's start by screamin' and shoutin' it all night long
Cause this is where we all belong

We've got soul in our hearts - We got soul In our blood
And you better believe - that we just can't stop
C'mon Baby.. C'mon Baby.
If you hear my voice, baby let me know

I am ready... Yes I'm ready
Ready for the sound - Ready for the groove
I am ready .. Yes I'm ready
Let me, let me, let me bust a move

Oooh, oooh
C'mon - C'mon - Get ready
C'mon - C'mon

You can't fake the feelin' - Just be who you wanna be
I'm a part of you - as you're a part of me
Cause baby this time we're takin' it to the top
And we won't ever let it stop

If you wanna get up - If you wanna get down
I can turn you up, and around and around
C'mon Baby.. C'mon Baby.
If you hear my voice baby let me know...

Yeah, yeah, yeah