2 Unlimited Lyrics

R.U.O.K. Lyrics

Do you think the mic's the same
When I talk to your brain
So you're playing hard to get
Or you don't wanna play the game
So I'll help you through thick and thin
Like the dog in the story called "Rin tin tin"
So my rhymes are fast coming up from the past
Always on time, yo, cause I don't want to be last
Open your dreams say, what more can I say ?
Yip pe yard, yip pe yeah, hey girl R.U.O.K. ?

You go away, got nothing left to say
Didn't even call today, R.U.O.K. now ?
You acting strange, wondering why you change
You playing silly games, R.U.O.K. now ?

You're asking me if I'm OK
Well I used to be, 'till you came my way
Yes I'm sweating and sure I blush
Not because I'm shy but furious
Boy you used me and abused me
And now you asked me if I'm OK
Well I'm leaving you, no intention to stay
I'm stepping out that door, boy
I'll be OK

If you're feeling stressed, are you feeling depressed... R.U.O.K. ?

Pleased to be going in the lights of the morning
This is your final call, yes your final warning
I'm acting ridged, yes I'm a kind of strange
But my love for you, hah girl remains
You never let your feelings go to tell what I need to know
Now you're asking me "Please don't go"
Now it's to late because there's no more fate
Yip pe yard, yip pe yeah, hey girl R.U.O.K ?